New Illustration: Festival

Festival by Erika Rier
Festival, 11″ x 14″, ink & gouache on paper

I finished this illustration today to submit as a potential design for a poster. It’s a longshot but I like long shots better than no shots.

I found out today that a drawing of a dog i did a few years ago will be included in this book: 1,000 Dog Portraits
Also, a few pictures of the daughter.



Art from the Daughter

The Daughter has been the creative powerhouse lately. Drawing almost as much as she’s been reading…which is a lot if you don’t know her. Her drawings are just amazing to me so I thought I’d share some of these lovelies with you. She also created a miniature salad out of clay which you’ll see last.








New Drawing: Drallamaram

Drallamaram by Erika Rier
11″ x 14″
ink and gouache on paper

I just finished this piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s show, Animystics. I’m so excited to be part of this great exhibit!

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Help Me Draw My Way to Icon8!

The-Unveiling-framed, by erika rier
The Unveiling
22″ x 35″, ink & gouache on paper

I’m offering drawings in a wide range of sizes from 6″x8″ all the way to 22″x35″ for my IndieGoGo fundraiser. All of these custom drawings are marked down from the prices I typically charge. You get a great deal on a drawing created just for you and I get to go to an important conference. Good deal, huh? Get all the details here (


Drallamram in-progress erika rier


This is an in-progress piece for Light Grey Art Lab‘s upcoming show Animystics. I’m drawing my dream animal, the Drallamaram…part dragon part llama and part ram.
I’m also fundraising to send myself to the epic illustration conference Icon8. In exchange for your contribution I’m offering many exciting gifts including drawings which I’ll create just for you! This is a great chance to get an affordable piece of art and help me get some much needed career development. Check out the details here ( Thank you for contributing and/or sharing!