2 More Indiegogo Portraits

While I finished all but one of my Indiegogo portraits some time ago, I realized that I had not shared these two. Below are two portraits, one a dream portrait and the other a 6″ x 8″ portrait of a couple. If you’d like to order your own portrait or order a gift certificate for a custom portrait as a holiday gift check out my Etsy shop.

Acroyoga-Silhouette Rier_Erika_10

Winter Journey 1-4


Winter Journey 1-4; gouache, watercolor, graphite, and marker on claybord; 6″ x 6″; 2014

Just completed these 4 miniature pieces for an upcoming show at Ghost Gallery. Prints of the series are also available here.

New Portrait


I completed this portrait last night to be included in an exhibit at Bennington College organized by the Kalopsia Project as part of their events surrounding World AIDs Day. From their site about this exhibit:

137 people contract HIV every day in the United States alone; by creating a visual of the daily impact of HIV and AIDS, Kalopsia hopes to promote awareness and empathy for a virus that still affects over 36 million people worldwide. Thus, along with generous assistance from artists from across the country, universities and galleries willing to host the exhibit, and a partnership with members of ACT UP, Kalopsia is looking to create 137 demographically representative portraits portraying those who have contracted the virus in 24 hours.

You can learn more about this project and their other projects here.