New Drawing: New Day

New-Day, drawing by erika rier


New Day; ink & watercolor on paper; 18″ x 24″; 2014

Another new piece which I’ve submitted to yet another artist call. This is the largest piece that I’ve used watercolor in yet. I’m enjoying the watercolor very much, especially when combined with black and white drawing like this. This is available as a print & such here.

Sketchbook Madness

Since returning from ICON8 I have been going crazy in my sketchbook! I learned so much at the conference and made some great connections. In my daily life though the biggest change has been that I’m playing like crazy in my sketchbook again. This is already changing the way I’m approaching pieces and helping me to expand my materials a bit.

These pieces are done with a variety of colored microns, white gel pens, markers, crayons, pencil, and regular old black pens. I just finished a book and am starting a new book with watercolor paper. I got a small tray of dry watercolors and am excited to start experimenting with washes under my patterns.

The sketchbook is great for these little experiments. How could a forget what a valuable tool a sketchbook could be?








New Drawing: Animal Math

Animal-Math, drawing by erika rier
Animal Math, ink & gouache on paper, 9″ x 12″, 2014

Another completed drawing created for contributors to my Indiegogo campaign which raised funds to get me to ICON8. I’m at that very conference right now! If you want to follow my progress I’ll be posting updates to my tumblr and my instagram (@erika_rier) from the conference so check them out!

If you missed your chance to get a very personalized pet portrait through my indiegogo campaign, don’t fret! You can also order pet portraits, amongst other things, from my Etsy shop.

If you’re in Portland today, Thursday, July 10th, 2014, come see me at the ICON8 Roadshow. I’ll be a vendor there!

1987 Illustrated

1987 Illustrated is a zine which I created for the Stacks shows at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, MN in 2014. The show built a timeline from 1984-2014 out of zines by various artists. Each year had 2 artists interpret it.

My zine is a reflection upon my memories from 1987 interpreted as illustrations. I was 10 years old, my second sister was born, I reached menarche, and I kissed for the first time.The drawings are done in ink and gouache, my palette limited to just green, blue, and pink.

The construction of the zine is an accordian fold with color printing on both sides. When folded it measures 4.24″ x 4.25″. When stretched out it measures approximately 4.25″ x 33″. When flipped through like a book it has 8 pages/panels. Each copy comes with a selection of stickers and/or illustrated buttons. It is printed on 70 lb. matte paper using a digital printing press.

If you are interested in purchasing this zine before it is made available through my Etsy shop please contact me at erika {at} erika rier {dot} comP1130831









Uppercase Magazine Newsletter

Uppercase Magazine Newsletter, re:erika rier
I have a handful of magazines that I adore and at the top of that list in Uppercase Magazine. I was so excited when I opened up their recent newsletter and found a blurb about ME in it!!! You can read the whole newsletter here and while you’re at it you can subscribe here. It’s an amazingly gorgeous magazine. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the now completed piece picture in the article you can pick that up here in my Society6 shop.