Postcards! Pictures!


First up, I just added monster postcards to my Etsy shop! Each set includes 5-cards covered with drawings from my sketchbook of all sorts of strange creatures. These cards are super SHINY. Only 3 sets for now so grab yours quickly!

And now, some pictures of the fam from a recent walk we took by the water.

P1140132 P1140110 P1140126 P1140097 P1140140 P1140136 P1140106

8.29.13 Completed Custom Order. Brownie Waffles.

What I finished today.
Today I finished the custom ordered collage dress, yippee! But, it was too dark to photograph it properly, boo. Here is just a snapshot of all the pretty fabrics stitched together.

What I’m working on today.
This is the beginning of my second ancestor drawing. The first drawing was of a great-grandmother I actually knew and when drawing her I tried to make details which I remember of her though it is still a fairly loose interpretation of what she actually looked like. This next great-grandmother I did meet once but she was very very elderly and I was only 6. I remember her sitting in front of large picture windows in my grandparents home looking out at the ocean. I don’t really remember what she looked like so I’m pulling from a variety of sources in history and offspring to create an image in honor of her.

What I’ve eaten today.
GF Brownie Waffles stuffed with sunbutter
Apple chia cereal, leftovers, and mixed veggies in a soy mirin sauce over rice were the main things I ate. After dinner there was a general consensus that a treat was desired. I decided to make a batch of my Gluten-free Brownie Waffles but I stuffed them with Sunbutter. Yum. I love brownie waffles because they only take about 10 minutes to make a small batch and it’s like eating a whole brownie that was all make in a corner of the pan (ie. crispy and extra chewy).

What I am selling today.
Of a Piece, handmade postcard by Erika Rier
I just re-photographed and relisted this postcard. I have a stack of these babies featuring different images that I’m hoping to photograph and list soon.

What I’m wishing for today.
Pink Roses Folk Print Dress by GoGoVintage
I saw this dress from GoGoVintage on Etsy a few days ago and am obsessed with it. I keep thinking about it all of the time.

What I listened to today
This story from NPR about escape artist Lady Houdini was pretty amazing. I definitely need to check out the videos of her performing.

8.28.13 A Dress for the Daughter.

What I finished today.
A Child's Bridesmaid Dress, designed and made by Erika Rier
Yesterday I cut out this dress and today I sewed it all up. It is the final wedding related dress that I must make before my trip to Maine. Not only does the daughter look great in it and love it, I also feel great relief at having completed all 3 dresses.

What I’ve eaten today.
I’ve eaten mostly leftovers today which has meant blissfully little cooking. I had this lovely snack this afternoon of a perfect peach, raw cashews, and 1 of Fran’s Salted Caramels which my very sweet husband brought home for me yesterday.

What I’m wishing for today.
arctic fox soft sculpture by MountRoyalMint on Etsy
I adore arctic foxes and this little arctic fox soft sculpture from MountRoyalMint on Etsy has stolen my heart!

Bathing suit from AnielaParysDesigns
I would take one of these stunning handmade bathing suits, too!

What I watched today.

For homeschool science today the daughter and I stumbled upon this awesome BBC documentary called The Secret Life of Caves. It was fascinating.

New Drawing: A Child Sculpture (of food and females #1)

A-Child-Sculpture-(of-food-&-females-#1), drawing by Erika Rier
11″ x 14″
ink & gouache on paper

This is the first of a series of drawings which I’m creating for a slim volume of poetry, of food and females. My intention is to create a limited run of hand bound books which I’ll illustrate and bind. Once completed I will sell the finished books on Etsy and at shows. For now, I’m trying to raise funds for this project by selling prints of the drawings on Society6.

This drawing makes a particularly striking framed print. Check out all of the items at Society6:
Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.30.07 AM

New Notecards

My final Etsy up-date until I finish assembling a proper photo set-up in my studio are some notecards. All of these cards have some little hand-embellished detail whether it be some painting or some stitching. (click on images to be brought to my Etsy shop)